Monday, May 28, 2012

            I am a subscriber to Modern Dog magazine. And I usually can find some cool articles, or at least interesting ideas. But with this latest issue I have found a couple things that rub me the wrong way. There are per usual some really cool things as well, but I find it difficult to overlook these indiscretions.
             Firstly, Martha Stewart is on the cover. I don’t necessarily have something against her as a person, other than she is a convicted felon. On four counts. But hey, whatever. This is not the main thing that irks me mind you. It just adds to it.
            What truly blows my mind is advertised in the back pages of the magazine. You know the section of most magazines that just sell weird crap? Well this one is selling a highchair for your dog. So they can sit at your table with you. SERIOUSLY?! This is something that I cannot ignore. The idea of teaching your dog that they have a right to eat from your own table is not only unhygienic, but dangerous.  The trend of treating dogs as humans has caused plenty of dog bites, and ultimately many dog deaths. I find it incredibly egregious that a publication supposedly concerned about the wellbeing of dogs would allow such an advertisement. I make my living training people to not allow their dogs to assert themseves around high value resources such as food, and the kitchen table. This advertisement is sending entirely the wrong message. I am all for people treating their dogs to things, I even took my dog to a local indoor canine recreational waterpark. But this type of pampering can have no good outcomes.

I see this type of behavior a lot in dogs that have a general lack of respect for their owners.

            But hey, what the hell do I know. For $1000 you can make your dog a pain in the ass times 10 while you’re eating. Most of my clients eyes light up when I teach them how to do a place command, and tell them the perfect time to make their dogs sit still is when their eating their own dinner; therefore keeping their dogs away from the table.  It boggles the mind to think about the type of person who has a thousand dollars to purposely turn their dogs into a needy pain in the arse.

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