Thursday, July 25, 2013

Muzzle Conditioning

Working with aggressive dogs requires one to practice safety. Using a muzzle has allowed many a trainer on different occasions to get dogs into situations they would otherwise not be able to be in. Whether this is around small kids, other dogs, or human beings in general, a muzzle can be a huge asset to working with an aggressive or reactive dog.

This is how I like to get a dog conditioned to wearing a muzzle.


  1. Great video Josh! Something that Vets can also suggest to their clients that might require a muzzle during vet trips.

    -Blake Rodriguez

  2. Thanks Blake, that's a really good point. I never considered showing this to some vets!


  3. Very awesome video. I have a lab/boxer dog who is very aggressive towards other animals and towards people but a sweetheart to us, if I can teach her this trick I see endless opportunities to socialize her and hopefully help her become friendlier. Thank you for the info!!!